Time has texture

· 1 minute read

Time has texture, it can be coarse or smooth. If you wish to time travel you must learn to control its grain. Smooth time flows fast, coarse time flows slowly.

The granularity of time is in the frequency and magnitude of memorable events you experience. You can think of these events as bumps on the surface of a road. As small as a pebble, or as large a mountain that is itself stippled with notches and grooves and ruts.

As time elapses, the memorability of events changes. What was once a mountain may appear as a minor bump when observed through the rear view mirror. Your perception of coarseness is constantly re-evaluated with new events. Squint and a field of evenly spaced bumps disappears into one dithered shade.

Your body is a time machine with knobs and levers that can be adjusted. You can control the direction and speed of travel — but it requires a bit of foresight.