Well Made

2016–2021, 152 episodes

My second podcast series after Edgemade, created while running Lumi.

Well Made is an interview show that I hosted exploring how we can change patterns of consumption. My goal was to create a compendium of ideas that can help us shift the way we think about the long-term health of our planet and people.

My guests included entrepreneurs, journalists, non-profit leaders, authors, and experts, from organizations like Patagonia, Climate Neutral, B Corporations, Shopify, Etsy, The Wall Street Journal and more.

The show also documented the rise of the direct-to-consumer ecommerce movement and many of the founders who led it.

A few things I learned about podcasts from making Well Made. Episode 100 includes more meta-commentary.

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This show wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my producer Katelan Cunningham, and our editor Evan Goodchild.