Agents of chaos

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Stream of consciousness

A world where knowledge is captured and categorized, interpreted by the masses almost instantaneously digested, regurgitated, masticated, ruminated… and immediately available to access, pre-chewed. We become increasingly eager to process and catalog everything, beginning with the superficial and slow-moving, but progressing deeper and faster to the constantly changing environment, incessantly updating our map of what is known. Our knowledge is decentralized, sourced with more or less certainty by billions of agents — human at first but increasingly animal and robotic. Our capturing methods become decreasingly invasive and our simulation, processing and storage capacity increases to such a degree that all knowledge becomes a singularly accessible resource, freely available, understandable, translatable.

Decision-making becomes relegated to algorithms, but agents of chaos and pioneers are constantly being born. Our free will is relegated not because of an omnipotent power or Universal order, but because of a system we ourselves created that reinforces the very course we have set. Our identities are constantly being funneled towards understandability, and yet something in us is unpredictable. Not because of entropy or serendipity but because of a bug, a malfunction, a short circuit that our brain always seems to find. A fuse that gets blown. We challenge the predictions and that chaotic force unbalances any possible calculation, even those calculations that attempt to correct for our unpredictability cannot fully understand the rhyme or reason of this odd gene. The fact that it can’t seem to be codified is what keeps us from truly falling into Singularity.

And so, we commit ourselves to travel the Universe in search of knowledge. Cartographers of galaxies and planets, bringing life and chaos to the Universe. A virus, a mutation that cannot be stopped… that consumes in search of what? The Ultimate… Knowledge? Creator? End? Answer.